Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"Stimulating" the economy

Well, I"m thinking that there are shops that sell apparatus that stimulate and perhaps and I'm of the opinion that the powers that be should have stuck to the corner drug store. I'm not in favor of stimulating G.W. and his cronine's businesses - but I'm not returning the money it either. Call me what you will, but there's a lot of us.

The irony is that we are so stimulated.. er inspired to use this money for greater self sufficiency. I guess everyone gets something out of the deal. We spend the money, someone else makes the profit, and we boost our personal security.

So, how did we spend the dough:

I've blogged that we were putting up a chicken coop. Now, at first I was going to put up a newly purchased shed with chain link run. The cost was going to be over $2000. Now, Mr. Greenjeans has a lovely shop inset on the property line. I have to admit I've eyed it but I did not ask for the space. Instead, he offered it himself. This is one of those times where you fall in love again. On his days off, he is walling off an 8x8 area, with insulation and a door to a chicken sized run, sealed off so the dust doesn't get into his shop and with a people door into the coop, nest boxes, two windows (opposite corners), and electricity. Well, that will be about $500. The insulation is because it is cold enough here that chickens die in the winter.

With the money left we bought a new Little Giant ladder for Mr. Greenjeans. See him blocking off the downspouts to better direct the water from advancing thunderstorms into our water barrel that is slightly uphill :-(. We also bought a Country Living Grain mill with corn and bean auger and handle, milk strainer for the raw milk, reference books, and buckets with gamma lids.

Sound sexy to you? Well, it pleases me.


LisaZ said...

Ooh, I'm jealous of your coop! I want chickens too...

Lisa in MN

Robbyn said...

Oh, man!! That's a haul of some AWESOME homestead stuff!! (visions of grain mills dancing in my head!)


Verde said...

Yes, I've been very pleased. Even Mr. Greenjeans is pleased because he has wanted that ladder for a while.

Tara said...

I get it - that sort of thing is "sexy" around our house, too. :)

I made a trip to New Orleans that happened to coincide with my "stimulus" payment. Ordinarily I would have saved the money or used it much like you have, but I spent most of it down there. It made me feel good to stimulate a local economy that needs it so desperately.