Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I am an uninteresting Chemestry project

I have been declaired so my Ni-chan whose chemestry assignment was to go through the cupboards and pantry and bring to class things with interesting ingredients. She had a really difficult time finding anything with artificial ingredients. The Kosher tuna fish had a preservative, there were dog biscuits, and a packed food box that I'm not sure where it came from but which no one in the house will touch. We conjectured that it might have been left over from the previous owners since we bought the house from friends and moved in as they moved out.

It has been fun for me to have her come home from school and talk about all the stuff in food and have her go through the cupboard looking for examples... and not be able to find any.

One concern around the suburban homestead is that it is froze last night. I think the little peas and potatoes in the ground will be OK. I have some herbs planted and I hope there were protected and/or hearty enough. Freezing weather is a perpetual problem around here and one I need to get ahead of by making plant covers.

I was right - no one has noticed that the heat is off in the house. Mr. Greenjeans found out when I asked him to read my blog post on gas pumping frugality.


Mary Beth said...

Egads. I can't believe you have freezing temps.

zorra said...

Catching up. I love reading about all you're doing...it's exciting that you're getting chickens and maybe a calf! We picked all the peaches from our backyard tree last week...that's about as local as it gets...that and the yield from our pecan tree are our only "crops" these days.

Verde said...

Wow Zorra, our trees are just blooming!

Mary Beth: yes we have winter, spring, july & august, pre-winter, and more winter.