Saturday, May 3, 2008

Independence Days

See that Banner on the side of m blog for independence days? That is the challenge I'm taking part in. You can click on the banner to go to Sharon Astyk’s blog to see its beginning. I've also added to my links folks who are taking part in this challenge.

This does not replace using less energy, reducing waste, but enhances it and compliments it. The ground rules are thus:

1. Plant something. Everyday - and at some point in your local growing season, flip over to preserving something everyday.

2. 2. Harvest something. This can be related to #1 or it can be about wild foods gathering as well.

3. Preserve something. This can be a big project such as an all day canning but it can also be as simple as putting out some extra fruit for drying.

4. Prep something. I consider this to be the heart of the challenge - this is preparidness - for what? Hard to say, but you will be better off with an organized stocked pantry, water storage, extra blankets in case it's cold....

5. Cook Something. Yea! It's good to have extra things cooked, it's good to know how to cook well and with different mediums. It's one thing to know that a wild food is edable but another to know what to do with it.

6. Manage your reserves - Take it from experience: laying in food takes maintenance. You have to rotate it, and use food. I tried to can with splenda last year for a family member who has diabetes, but I discoverd it does not last. Sweaters and blankets can get moth eaten, and remember the phrase: One bad apple can spoil the barrell.

7. Work on local food systems. This can be part of the by local movement or locavores, it can be part of working in a food coop or farmer's market.

8. One of the commentors on the blog (I'm still trying to find that) said learn a new skill and I think that bears adding. Candles? Ironwork? Animal husbandry?

You only have to pick from one thing a day. I am going to aim for something everyday. I nearly do that anyway. I think I'm going to organize my links into those who are participating.

So what I have done before finding this challenge: cleaned out and organized the pantry, making plans for chicken coop and taking up the lawn, planning raised bed, planted seelings indoors, cook regularly, purchased barrels for container planting, ordered rain barrells...

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