Monday, February 9, 2009

Big Bunnies have big friends

For some reason, Beatrice loves dog food. She got in trouble trying to push the alpha female Border Collie out of her food, but while Bernese Mountain Dog, Toby isn't thrilled, he allows her to eat out of his bowl with him.

Her abcesses are getting better. She was not doing well with 'fingers' of abcesses spreading and Mr. Greenjeans reminded me that we have a resivour of information and remidies in homeopathy left over from when we had children and no health insurance. We looked up abcesses, choose Mercurium as a remidy and Beatrice is doing better than she had with surgury. Within 3 days she was zooming around like she hadn't done in months, eating as she should, and the abcesses had shrunk. They are not totally gone, but MUCH smaller.