Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Frugal Gas Pump Tips

My daughter's chemistry teacher was giving the class some tips on getting the most out of their fuel purchases and I thought I share what those were. Some I knew and some I didn't.

*Fuel in the cool of the day. Gasoline expands in the heat and you get less gas for your $$ if it's hot.

*Don't fuel if the gas truck is in the station. When the fuel is pumping and any impurities in the tank get stirred up and you will pump them into your tank.

*Gasoline vaporizes very easily and so your purchase can literally evaporate. To reduce evaporation do two things. 1. pump slowly - when you set the pump on full blast, you lose more to evaporation. 2. Don't let your tank fall below half full, otherwise you have an air pocket that leads to evaporation.

*Another reason not to pump full blast is that there is no room for air displacement in the tank and the some of the fuel gets pushed back up into the pump and you pay for it twice!

And Verde's $.02 is that of course reduce fuel dependency by walking and biking and avoiding unnecessary trips. But y'all knew that already. If we just slow down a little we'll all be better for it.

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