Sunday, May 4, 2008

Rain Barrels arrived

Yea! I am excited that the rain barrel arrived this week! We found an extra 50 gal. water storage barrel out in back of the shed from the previous owners that we can connect together to have 100+ gal catchment. I plan to get more with a differnt paycheck. (pictures to post when the sun shines)

We've put them in the asphalt garden because that is where there is a down spout to connect to (really would sound better if I referred to it as the container gardening area). Mr. Greenjeans is really into the rain barrels - yea! The biggest trouble is rain - we had ZERO precipitation in April, I do imagine we'll heavy rains at some point.

I turned off the heat in the house even though the evening temps are in the low 30's (we barely turned on outside water). The winters here are so cold and we did alright so I think the family won't really notice that the furnace is off.

The new Inu kitty is here on my lap as I type - look alike Neko the uncuddley is off hunting moths under the light.


Green Bean said...

Ohh, I'm jealous! I've been wanting rain barrels for so long.

Verde said...

Yes, I think we'll try and add them little by little. I wish it would rain so I can see what the collection will be like.

Gray Matters said...

I love rain barrels - we've been talking about getting one for awhile. Hopefully we'll be able to soon.