Saturday, December 27, 2008

....And we're back

Phew, I think I've been run over by the Christmas truck. No, not necessarily by the consumerism because Christmas was a bit smaller this year, but more by church and obligations. I've had a full two services a week from Advent through Christmas - one more pageant play to direct and I believe we can put that season behind. Lots more work to come but work is perennial, thank goodness.

We got the wood stove all installed just after Thanksgiving. I'm glad to have it as the nights are below 0 and the days don't get above freezing. I've got beans cooking on the cook top right now as I type.

The chickens are starting to lay eggs - yea!!!. We get a few more each day. It started out as one egg every other day and this morning I'm up to 6 from 4 the previous couple of mornings. This is good as Nee is home from school and as a vegetarian, eats a lot of eggs.

We lost one hen to a visiting dog. The dog was part of a rescue we were holding for a few days. She got put out back to potty before bed, five minutes later she had ignored the entire nice yard and gone through the hole in the fence into the coop and snagged a sleeping hen off the roost. Thankfully the dog then brought it into the yard to eat and didn't rip the whole coop full apart. The loss stung, but I feel lucky to have averted disaster.

I'll be visiting around the blogs to see how everyone is doing.