Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Coincidence?

Yesterday on freecycle there was an offer for free yarn. I don't knit myself, but there is a knitting ministry at church that knits shawls for people who are sick and blankets for kids being examined at the Children's Justice Center. I quickly ran off to get the yarn. It was much further than I'd expected (yes, I took the car), as I drove I thought oh, this is out where that nice family from church lives....then this is the street...then this is the cul-de-sac. The free yarn was next door to where one of the people in the knitting ministry lives! So I chatted with the person giving the yarn as I was leaving I saw and Mr. and Mrs. Foundation were in the yard wondering what my car was doing there. We had laughed over the coincidence.

However Mrs. Foundation had been crying. She said that she had started to feed a cat that people had left in the neighborhood when they moved. She had promised Mr. Foundation that she'd take it to the pound or find it a home and he was insisting she take it to the pound today. He said do you want a Holstein Cat? Well, I like Tuxedo cats and I have a really good cat - he is all the things good in a cat but he isn't cuddly. I'd been telling him if he didn't get sweet I'd have to find a nicer cat. Well, the cat going to the pound was a sweet and cuddly cat.... in fact she slept curled up between Mr. Greenjeans and me all night long. I had first washed her with a cloth to get the dust off and checked her for fleas and ticks which we don't tend to have in this arid, cold climate.

The girls named her Inu. I hope she can acclimate to the four house dogs.

This is Neko, the uncuddley:


God_Guurrlll said...

Congrats on the new addition to your family. who knows the cuddles might be infectious!

Farmgirl Susan said...

Your new cat looks like such a sweetheart. Love the markings. Definitely not a coincidence! ; )

Songbird said...

Welcome to the new kitty!

Leila said...

I'm piping up about the yarn and the knitting ministry. Yesterday I received a knitted prayer shawl in the mail from my mother's first cousin, a woman I've never met. She included brochures and prayer cards and a newsletter about the prayer shawl movement and the work of her church, as well as her handwritten note to me about how they blessed it.

I wept. It was 90 degrees here in Oakland but I wrapped that thing around me and cried in it for a good fifteen minutes - tears of joy.

Thanks for posting about this - reminds me to blog the prayer shawl. And the fog is coming back in so I'll probably wear it over the weekend.