Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Grain Mill Arriveth

You may recall, that I spend GW's money on self sufficiency items. One of the major purchases was a Country Living Grain Mill. Mr. Greenjeans was skeptical but when he saw how well made it was (USA numbered and all) he had to love it too. To tell you just what a goon I am, I am facinated with the fly wheel: with how substantial it is, with how "real" it is, how perfect it is in all its simplicity.

I think the wording on this picture is interesting as is the fact that it took so long to have this delivered due to backorders at the manufacture.

It arrived last evening and I havn't gotten it set up yet, but I do love how they send a baggie of flour to show its grind. I plan on eventually setting it up to be bicycle powered. This site has a variety of options (Thank you Caroline for the link, I'm still excited)
I will no doubt keep you all updated as I grind my way to bread!

Mr. Greenjeans is home for his days off - yea! His goal is to completely finish the chicken coop.


Anonymous said...

Do tell, Verde, once you get the grain mill going. I have had my eye on that model for years and haven't yet taken the plunge and bought it...I still had been going back and forth with ordering another that has attachments to grind meat and stuff sausages.

Michelle Ellis said...


Becca said...

The bicycle thing would be so cool! A way to stay in shape as well as grind your grain! I may have to look into this!