Thursday, July 31, 2008

A couple of good magazine reads

Just a quick post before I head out to the garden.

I subscribe to two magazines (well one was a gift I love): Cooking Light and Mother Earth News. I keep back issues of both and in the case of Cooking Light, I save a year or so and then go back some time in the winter and cut out the recipes and things I've really liked.

Cooking Light has an article on Pickling and another called "Farm in the City" concerning Chicago's Green City Market.

Mother Earth News always has the most awesome things right when I need it, such as a Beginner's guide to Drying Food, Organic Pest Control, and Solar Energy, and a letter from the editor on the Art of Homesteading. "We define homestead s any home that provides an example of sustainability and beauty." (p. 6)

Many of us are so busy with our gardens to maybe not otherwise notice the magazines, but these are two greats this month. They might just be worth a trip to the library (or an online visit to their websites) if you are not a subscriber.

Do you take monthly magazines? Which ones? How do you use/reuse them?


Anonymous said...

My fave one that I keep & cut out of most is Real Simple. I especially love the monthly column where they show an item with its intended use and an AHA use - how to re-purpose something or get a double use out of it. I also take & love Cooking Light - great exchanges on old unhealthy recipes!!

Tara said...

I love Mother Earth News. I like to subscribe to magazines but I find that after about two years they all start to repeat themselves, so I usually let them go at that point. In fact, I just let my MEN subscription lapse. They carry pretty much all the same content on their website, though. When I do get actual magazines, I keep them around for quite awhile, but I seem to never refer back to them, so then they get let go.

Rocky Mountain Suz said...

I have subscribed to a couple different magazines the past two years- Food & Wine (one year was a present!) and Sunset Magazine.

I typically pull recipes out and save them in my recipes folder. Same with wine recommendations which go into the wine journal.

Most of the Sunset magazines I still have because there's a ton of art inspiration and fun travel ideas in there!

The magazines that don't get recycled are past along to friends and co-workers.

I love Mother Earth News too! I still have an article from the 90's about all the great uses for baking soda.

Melissa said...

I've finally given all mine up - not so much for my husband, but I find I can get most of what I want online these days, and I just do without the rest - I've got enough to keep me busy anyway - worst case I'll read more books :)

Anonymous said...

I get The Mother Earth News and have almost the entire set from day one. My dad was the original subscriber and I took over about 15 years ago. I got Back Home for awhile and they are similar to the old TMEN, not so glossy.
Cindy in FL

Robj98168 said...

I read scooter quarterly, goodguys (a hot rod mag), and Ready Made, a cool mag that promotes making things yourself, and re-using things. I don't do anything to the mags but recycle, but I keep them in magazine boxes I recycled out of cereal boxes! ALso Verde has been awarded a brilliante diamonde award