Tuesday, April 1, 2008

When Justice and desserts collide

There once was a time when gazing out to sea with a stack of desserts and an umbrella drink, I was gifted with my word: justice. The two seemed to collide with one another like the meeting of vastly differnt cultures, like savory and sweet, dear sweet friends and complete strangers.

Yet these are the things that surround my life like family and pulpit, like materialism and monasticism, like fashion and fishing, like man and woman.

This blog is the integrated parts of my life where Prep Girl goes fishing and raises children and dogs and chickens; she quilts in the winter, plants a garden come spring, and is wife to her man.

This life is also where Prep Girl pulls up her Big Girl panties and wears an academic gown, accepts her degree and ordination,puts on her stole and steps into the pulpit of full time ministry...
....always looking back over her shoulder as if God will write in the dust whether it is time to plow or if it is time to plant.

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cheesehead said...

Welcome! I so enjoyed getting to know you!