Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Name Change

You know, the worst part of borrowing books (and then returning them)is that they aren't around to quote from in a clean manner. On a recent vacation , I read Lalita Tadamey's Cane River and Red River. In Cane River, one of the Grandmothers changed her name a couple of times to suit her after having won freedom from slavery and had the right to choose a name.

I've changed my blog name from Rev. Sweet to Verde because, well... I can and it seems to fit better. I feel a little bad about this because the name, Rev. Sweet had been given, or at least suggested, on the RGBP Big Event by my roomie from Prarie Light. It is a sweet name given in kindness, but has begun to feel saccharine for what is turning out to be kind of an edgy, or at least crunchy, blog.

So much of my life is tied up in the church - in full time ministry. Often being a priest in a small, conservitie town is isolating. For this blog to "feed me" and not be one more thing I produce, I need it to be about the other parts of my authentic person that don't get to have good expression in daily life. I quite simply respect that there are differing opinions - those who deny global warming, those who don't give a shit, those who support Pres. Bush and the war, but I have to live my life according to my calling - even if that is living green in an oil and gas boom-town.


Songbird said...

What a great reason to change your name, expressed with great strength. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

What a great blog! I love your passion for justice, especially in regards to food. I've been doing a lot of reading on hunger and justice. One book that I've loved is Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollen.

Verde said...

Thanks and yes, I want to go to the library tomorrow and see if they actually have that book. It would be on my to-read list if I had one up yet.

Mary Beth said...

Excellent name change.