Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Evening News

The first half hour of the evening news has been on covering the risiing cost of gas and how a BMW driver has had to start taking the bus. You know, this is one of times where rising gas prices actually looks like good news. People have said it for years - high gas prices is what it will take to change our ways.

Of course rising food costs are a serious humanitarian issue. In fact, an enormous number of people have thus far been living in a precarious place between making ends meet and...not. That my friends, is going to have a major impact on our society.

The news moved from there to Monsano - which is a name I've noticed visiting blog to blog but had not previously realized what the fuss is about. This GMO producer apprearently has been "harassing, lieing, tresspassing," and sueing family farmers out of their living if their seed is found in a farmer's crop - even if the farmer did not plant it there - if it drifted in. There is a long litany against Genetically Modified foods and giant agri-businesses which I am not goint to list here. Suffice to add to the litany against them is the blatant hunting down of the family farmer.

And Honey Bees - the good news tonight is that individuals are taking up beekeeping in such numbers that supplies are short and classes are full. And I applaud those who are putting themselves out there and investing in reversing the problems our globe is facing.

Of course I was out in the yard today... we moved here at the beginning of the winter and it is so exciting to see what is coming up. I am pleased to see there there are perennial herbs in wit the beaugiful bulbs.

As I'm not in the best of shape after the coldest winter of my life so I've been surfing around to all sorts of blogs. Many of them have been added here. I am so impressed at what I've seen - so many people so far along in making a differance and really living green - I applaude you all and am inspired to change my habits. I've gotten complacent since my move to this oil and gas boom town.


Ruby said...

We're home bee-keepers and it is a lovely thing to know that we're helping the pollinators populate the planet. Maybe it'll help with the falling number of bees out there doing their good bee work.

Rev. Verde said...

Yea Ruby! I hadn't remembered that and am so glad to hear that. I want to know more. What's it like how many bees? Do you get honey? Do you make candles?