Tuesday, April 8, 2008

...and back to work

It's been a long, lovely vacation. But toward the end of it I think I needed something more to do or I was in danger of creating a new career for myself. It has snowd the last two days and so the newly purchased trees are as yet unplanted.

I have to admit that I have a lot of anxiety about returning. What trouble will have run un-checked. Will I have trouble, will I remember the routine, will I be good enough? I'm not sure why I am in ministry - I'd make a better hermit than public figure. I know that I become a better person through interation with others, but all the time I do so comes at a cost.

I marvel at the people who seem to be authentic, and at the same time, not seeminly worried about being hurt. The person I need to grow into has greater clearity about my own roles and the role of others, how to encourage others to grow into themselves, how to say no comfortably.

With that I'm off to shower, put on my pom (panties of ministry) and go to it!


mid-life rookie said...

Okay, I'll be twelve. Panties of Ministry? I just wear my everyday ones. Did I miss a memo?

Now, not twelve. Such deep thoughts and concerns mean you care. Caring means you are a pastor. Get used to it. (Okay, that was a little twelve.)

St. Casserole said...

I hope today went well. First day back at work isn't my favorite.

Thinking of you.

Rev. Sweet said...

Well, dressing in clothes that are not what I wear when left to my own devices (uh, that would be sweats) helps me get out in the world.

Sort of gird my loins, tighten my belt...