Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Is this a joke or what?

There is a joke where various ministers of different denominations get asked what passage they'd preach on if they knew it was the last time they'd preach. The joke predates the Last Lecture.

What is happening in the economy and the world is no joke. I'm no fortune teller, but there are those who have a pretty good knack for looking ahead and they see much worse times to come - this fall. Personally, I'm looking around at my homestead and trying to evaluate what I can do RIGHT NOW to shore things up. My biggest worry is heating as there are no wood stoves for sale and it get seriously cold without relief for months straight.

Yesterday I took Nee back to school. Her ride back flaked on us and so we got up at 4:00 a.m. and tried (unsuccessfully) to make the first bell. I went on to a quilt store (hey, it's nippy out there) and splurged on enough flannel for a quilt top and then went on to costco. I had looked at my pantry the evening before and tried to pick up missing items. I couldn't bring myself to buy their bread flour, so I'll have to run around and find some good white flour at the store. I buy white flour to give the homeground grain a little lightness. I bought only basics, loaded the cart, checked out, loaded the car, and went back for dog and cat fod and TP.

Today or tomorrow I'm buying gas cans and enough gas to get me to the city and get Nee if TSHTF.

So the question is this: if you had only a month (or less) to get your household as secure as possible, what would you do? What's keeping you from doing it? What can you do to get over that hurtle?


MeadowLark said...

Fireplace brush
Material for window quilts
More lentils and garbanzo beans
Ready cash

What's stopping me? What always stops me... money.

But I am further ahead than I was, so that's all I can do.

Robj98168 said...

Well for me- I would fill my 5 gallon gas cans, make sure my generator runs (Thanks Verde-something else I need to do btw)
More food for storage
of course...

Becca said...

Yeah, I agree with the others, CASH stops me! But also the feeling of overwhelm but I can't let that stop me from preparing.

Actually my goal this week was to get serious, get organized and figure out and prioritize what I need to do next.

Hausfrau said...

Oooh, the ticking time bomb question!
- Root cellar
- Larger garden
- Rocket stove
- More food for storage
- More propane for camp stove
- Bubble insulation
- More sizes of clothes for son

What's stopping me? Well, mostly the time of researching and deciding and prioritizing all these crazy projects.

LisaZ said...

-make a rocket stove
-buy fuel for the Coleman stove
-clean out the wood stove and get chimney material; maybe figure out how to set it up in the house
-get a water purifier
(the last two are in case TSreallyHTF and we had no natural gas for furnace and thus, no running water in the house and we had to go down to the river or use the rain barrels, etc.)
-more window quilts made (have the materials)
-more canned meats and veggies
-definitely more cash!

What's stopping us?
-trying to live in two worlds at once (the "normal" one and the possibly collapsed one)

Anita said...

Rain barrels
Store more flour/yeast
Store more cat food
Kerosene lantern
Solar battery charger/rechargeable batteries
Crank/solar/battery powered radio
Fix belt on my old treadle sewing machine . . .
There's always too much to do and not enough money, but we're working on it . . .

Anonymous said...

- water filter (we have a well, which requires electricity) and a few springs.
- fix my treadle sewing machine
- more food storage (can you ever have enough?)
- more vinegar
- material, yarn, thread, sewing needles
- cash!
- more firewood
- kerosene lantern (great reminder, Anita)

Anonymous said...

oops I forgot that I would get some chickens (and maybe goats or a cow) as well. Then again, it is coming on winter, and we wouldn't have time to put up hay. Still chickens would be okay. I could get feed at the local feed mill (for the winter). Maybe the chickens would take care of our mice as well!

Anonymous said...

Well I can't do a new roof and rainwater catchment in 3 weeks. So I'll stick to
More food storage
rocket stove
bug out bags

already have an Aquarain and camping gear, and maybe a months supply of food.

Cindy in FL