Saturday, September 27, 2008

Days 12, 11, and 10

On these days I have to be out of town for work and I don't think I'll have internet connection. No, that's not true, on days 12 and 11 I'm working out of town but on day 10 I'm headed for a round trip to the city to pick up our woodstove (Alderlea T-5) and double wall pipes.

Please comment on what you find at yard sales, how your preperations are going and what you would like to see covered in the remaining days.

Think of this as a mid-challenge catch-up but the clock still ticks though we are busy.


Hausfrau said...

Preps: buying misc. food items - Tang, applesauce, canned corn and green veggies. Bought first aid kits and firestarters (lasts 3000 strikes). Finally filled 6-gallon water containers. Picked up $10 end-of-sale bag of kid's clothes.

Yard sales - this year: clothes, air-tight canisters (2 five-pounders for 25 cents each!)colander, kid's books and toys. Kid car seats.

Requests: Community building, evacuation plans, book library, and definitely gardening tips - I could use those!!

Anna M said...

I didn't go to many yard sales this year what with the 2500 mile move and all but I did attend a few last month once the move was almost complete. My favorite score?

A bread pail. I had been looking for one and found a bread pail for $10 and it has not even been used. I also found a few tall pint canning jars so now I have a matched set of drinking glasses *g*

Matriarchy said...

Today was a great rummage sale day! Scored a wooden utility shelf system that will be perfect for my food storage. Also got a sewing machine, coffee press, coffee mill, a big lidded glass jar, and some books and games. We also got a total of 44 canning jars from several sources. And a kite.

This is prime church rummage season in our area.

Major dry goods prep this week, which I'll blog later.

I don't know what to say in terms of requests. I've been list-making for months, and have a good idea what I need to get done, as I am able. But I really enjoy reading what other people are doing, to pick up tips and things I forgot.

Like Anna's bread pail! I googled it, since I never heard of that before. I will surely watch for one, now. I have arthritis in my hands and can't knead. But I can crank! I'd like a back-up for the electric bread machine.

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

I found two extra sets of rain gear in a decent size at a yard sale. I live in a rainy climate and rain gear is always a must have. Extra sets will always come in handy, and maybe help keep us warm too...

We also stocked up on more STABIL, a gas additive, that you can add to your small engine gas tanks to help insure easy starting next spring. Since we rarely use these garden tools like a tiller, or weed eater, it is frustrating when you do need them, to find the gas has gone bad or has condensation. I'm wondering if the STABIL would be good to add to cans of gas for long term storage also???

Anonymous said...

I got referred over from Sharon's site and have been following along.

I bought supplies to make some window quilts for the bedrooms. If I can finish those in a timely manner, I'll do more. My food storage is up to date as much as space will allow.

I need to set up to get flu shots for the family and tetnus booster for me. I need to get more propane and 2 rain barrels.

Community building would be a good topic.

Anonymous said...

I made a trip to Sam's club. My friend has the membership. I pretty much had to grab everything I wanted in just 30 minutes to get back home before my DH left for work. I got buckets of cat food, lots of dried fruit, yeast, first aid kit, salsa, tea, hot cocoa, a bucket of sunflower seeds and a huge maglight. I'm going to ask if she will take me again. I really only saw one side of the store. I think I might want more food, but I know there are other things I might want/need as well.

First aid may be a good thing to cover. My DS5 had a bike accident Saturday it it really got me thinking about what more I should know and what other supplies I need. Some of those first aid kits only give you a few bandaids.

Security is something I am very concerned about. I have been considering getting a dog, but don't really want one. I have thought about karate for the whole family. I may get some mace or pepper spray. Our yard is not fenced and I don't own or want to own a gun.

Cindy in FL