Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Frost Advisory

The last two nights have been in the low 40's - it's hard to imagine since it came on so fast, directly following such hot days. I hear it's supposed to warm back up again - just a little warning that winter is not far off. Yesterday at lunch I came home and put on a vest for warmth.

I haven't been so sorry to see summer go since I was a child. I get a little weary of the every night canning sessions after a day in the office, but this taste of a winter to come has renewed my resolve to keep canning because one day it will all freeze.

Last winter was my first here - and the coldest winter of my life. It froze the pumpkins to the ground on Halloween and the daily highs stayed below freezing everyday until sometime in April and even then it wasn't exactly balmy. So, in the afternoons I soak in the day's rays, missing them before they are even gone.


Robj98168 said...

The older I get the more I hate winter. I don't look forward to the cold frosty mornings, and here, the constant cold rains.

Verde said...

Yea, I used to be a winter ski girl. Uh, not so much these days.

Theresa said...

A lot of frost here too - we're in Zone 2/3, but still, it was only August when the first freeze hit! My pumpkins, cukes and squash were all hit hard. Winter here gets dang cold, but at least it is sunny a lot.

Wendy said...

It's been cold at night here for several weeks. I get up in the morning and put on a sweater. This morning, it was so cool in my house (with no A/C), when my girls got dressed so that we could run some errands, one was wearing a pair of long pants and a sweatshirt - it was in the 80's outside ;).

The leaves are changing. It's definitely fall, but I'm hoping to enjoy a few more warm weeks while my "fall" garden establishes itself.

risa said...

Orb weavers have moved into the tomatoes. A sure sign. And this morning, as I was dragging roofing around on top of the house, a flight of Canada geese, talking to one another in hushed tones, passed low over me, their feet waggling a bit tucked up in their downy skirts.

Yep. Fall.

Verde said...

Theresa, Zone 2/3 Brrrr. I'm surprised you can get a garden in.

Wendy, I'll do that too. The houe will be so cool and then I'm shocked that the day has warmed.

Risa, I didn't know that about orb weavers, cool. It sounds as if you could have reached out and tickled the geese. Beautiful image.

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