Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring Updates

It really truly is spring, it's just that some parts of spring are really cool while other days are lovely warm. We have had much needed deep rain, but it has frosted the last couple of nights - nothing that would take out a daffodil or a pansy. I'm dressed in long sleeves with a wool vest looking out to a day that can't decide if it will get over 45 degrees or not. It's hard to get motivated to be outside when its so wet and chilly.

I decided on the location for the two espalier trees and planted them, but the spot really calls for two more so I'll picking those up soon - darn they're expensive though.
I'm going to plant raspberries today - Mr. Greenjeans is hurt (dislocated shoulder) so he is not able to be much help and not at work. I still haven't built the potato condo because the drill is too big for my hands to operate. I'll have to see what I can cobble together.


Christy said...

It is summer here already! We've been up to 90 the last few days. It is hard to be motivated to plant when it is so hot.

ilex said...

Very nice espaliers. I did not know they could be grown like that without being anchored to a fence or a wall. Amazing.

Robj98168 said...

"I still haven't built the potato condo because the drill is too big for my hands to operate."What Crust. Here is a more feminine drill for you if you can't handle the big scary manly drill

Verde said...

Christy, I look at the temp around the nation and notice what a big differance there is. I know the switch will flip here and I won't be able to move.

ilex, they're in process - we'll put in a fence post and wire and attach them or they'll spring out of shape.

Rob, it's not scary (well a little) but I don't have the hand strength or finger length to get the battery off. Yea, and I can only milk half a gallon too.

ketz said...

Espalier trees are so expensive so it will be a waste of money if they will not grow, but I know you can take care of them like you do with your other plants.

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