Saturday, March 21, 2009

As the worm churns

Well, worm ranching may not be rocket science but I think I've managed to drown my wrigglers. I've got them new bedding and better drainage so we'll see if they dry out and rev. up. I have 2"x3"x1" plastic bins under the rabbit cages to catch the manure (and urine). I had set one aside for the worms but I didn't have good enough drainage. I think that the cost of converting all these bins to containers with catch buckets would not be cost effective so I'm going to look into finding a place in the ground to make a trench. That way I can water the rabbit manure down and wash out the ammonia so it doesn't burn the worms.

Sadly we lost a bunn last week. It was one of the new Flemish Giant babies - a light gray. He just didn't travel well and didn't recover. We were very sad and gave him a decent burial.

This winter it was as if someone pulled the plug on the economy of this town. Even I was surprised at how it happened overnight. Everyday Mr. Greenjeans is fearful of losing his job. Every week they lay off people both above him and under him.

Today I went to a yard sale at a neighbor's house - they are moving to AK. I picked up a food dehydrator (electric) for $3.00. I guess I've got Mrs. neighbor's attention as she is now looking like a survivalist nut (I taught her well). She wants us to go in on packaged food storage. I like our fresh food storage (I hear Chibi beginning to measure wheat into the mill, now) but I suppose long term packaged stuff has its place. You could bug out with it in its boxes. It's so expensive though!

Our garden land (and house and other land) sold to the neighbor's son just before the bust. He's now looking to sub-divide it for building lots. He hasn't (yet) given us permission to garden this year. I don't know what he's asking for the land. The time is ticking on the season here! I'm going to have to start thinking about raised beds in the lawn.

Boy am I pleased as punch to see a (little) veggie plot going into the White house lawn. I love our president and his family but I think he needs to think outside the box to turn the economy around. Payroll had to tell me I'd gotten my economic stimulus tax break - it's so small it wouldn't take us out to lunch at a fast food place! I am very grateful that we are both employed. We're saving money but we've only too recently been at the end of our financial rope to have much cushion.


Anonymous said...

catching up on the blogs - now i know who to contact for info on rabbit care! we have a mini rex - he is such a joy to have...

d. moll, said...

What kind of mill do you have?????

Verde said...

d. moll, ... we have a country living hand crank grain mill. It does grain, corn and beans.

Robj98168 said...

Sorry to read about your bunny.
I think the president has the economy in hand- now if he could do something about those damn senators and representatives- apparently the voters aren't gonna do anything about them! It is cool to see Mrs. Obama putting in a garden at the whitehouse.

d. moll, said...

Thanks! that looks like a good one and not terribly expensive.

ilex said...

When I feed my worms bunny poop, I use a slotted cat-litter scoop to filter the urine-soaked litter away from it. It works well, and the worms aren't bothered at all by the bit of urine that may still be attached.

Sorry to hear about the drowned bin. Dead worms is a terribly unpleasant smell. If your bin is that wet (it really shouldn't be), try soaking just the top-bedding, and wringing it out very well before you put it in the bin. I soak my shredded paper for about 24 hours before I put it in the bin, and twist most of the water out before I add it.

Chile said...

Sorry to hear one of your bunnies didn't make it.

Great deal on the dehydrator! I think I paid $5 for mine at a yard sale.

Remember the mill can also be converted to pedal power. The large muscles of the leg can keep cranking long after the arms and shoulders give out. :)

Kathleen said...

I want to start a worm bin under my rabbit cages which are going to be inside of a shed shared with chickens. The cages will be off the floor with bins underneath. I would love to ask you a few questions about how to set up my bins. Wondering if I should use straw on the bottom to soak up urine as well as whether adding food scraps is necessary since the rabbit manure will have a high nitrogen content. My email address is We are in San Diego, CA.

Thanks, Kathleen