Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Chibi's New Bunn

This is Eclypse, Chibi's 5 month old French Lop. Her color is gold tipped steel.

"Hey, you lookin' at me?"

She's still worried about the new home. She is however much more interested in the typical tossing things about than Beatrice.

No pictures of Beatrice today. Her coat is too ragged and she's not looking her best from her illness.


Fleecenik Farm said...

She seems like a very sweet bunny. Boy there are big rabbits!

The Bunns said...

Good to hear that Biggy Beatrice is coming along ... We once had a Flemish - Marne - and she was a big cuddle bug!

The old "New Rabbit goes in the Bathroom" trick, eh? Wonder how long that will last :<)

By the way .. have you noticed that new bunny has a racoon tail????

Verde said...

Oh wow, the Bunns are on to me. Caught me on the old bathroom trick.

Racoon Tail? Who you calling racoon tail?

Robj98168 said...

Glad to hear Beatrice Potter is doing better.

Chibi sure has a cute bunny. Even withthat racoon tail.

Mary Beth said...

Beautiful! and that other one is HUGE!!!! Wow.

Matriarchy said...

I had no idea they got so big. Must eat you out of house and home. We had two guinea pigs for a while, but they ate SO much I had to give them away.

I have considered trying a few of those huge Peruvian meat cavies, but the girls are horrified. Guinea pigs are pets, not food, in our culture.

Wow. I can turn any conversation into food, can't I? LOL