Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pioneer Week November 3-10, excluding the election coverage

I used to say I was going to grow up and live at my Grandparents fishing cabin. I'm still waiting to grow up so I can move there. However for the week I'm participating in Crunchy's Pioneer Week!

Day one of Pioneer week. The roosters are costing us money in feed and 9 of them are making a ruckus (we live right downtown). So today is butchering day for 4 of them. We don't have room to store any more than four.

I went to a neighbors (about 30 miles down the road) to borrow a 15 gallon pot for feather plucking and learned they had had a fire in their farm shop. 50 years worth of tools, welding equip, shovels and files and rasps, chain saw, and all manner of hand tool and garden and farm implement, 4 saddles and tack are gone. Good thing the new tractor was still parked in the driveway and not in the shop for the winter.

They had been working in the shop and gotten tired and went to bed early (must have left a spark) and a neighbor saw the flames and woke them. They had firemen from two towns and they went in to the fire and removed the welding equip to prevent and explosion.

They say they don't need any help and they are just grateful no one got hurt.


LisaZ said...

Can you still blog and read blogs during this challenge? I haven't looked at all the details, as I'm not doing this one.

Verde said...

I'm not sure! I'll look a little later but I suspect it's like any of these, you just say what you will partake in.

ilex said...

That's terrible. Old tools are irreplaceable.

Good luck with the rooster processing. An urban chicken guy I know uses an old traffic cone (with a few inches removed from the top of the cone) for beheading and bleeding. Keeps the birds calm and the blood in one place. I thought it was an inspired use of a traffic cone.