Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Reflection

This is a nice piece I picked this up at The Brewer's Wife". It was written by her friend's husband or something - No, its not one of those "pass it all over the internet things". Tonight I hope to be out staring up at the stars giving thanks.

I've been meaning to ask, just haven't gotten around to it, plus I'm
worried that the question is premature. But you know, I think I'm finally at the
point where I believe it will happen. Now there's less than a month to go. Now
it's just a matter of days. Days until America does something which, I'll be
honest, I would have bet America would never do. At least not any time soon.
Just days until in one swift moment, the entire world will do a double-take.
Days until Americans of all stripes will come together to reaffirm America's
promise to its own people. Days until MLK's dream, and the dreams of all people
who love this country's founding PRINCIPLES more than life itself, finally come
true. I want to know: Where's the party? On the evening of November 4th, when
this moment is finally announced, where do I go to celebrate? Where can I be to
experience this historical moment with my brothers and sisters in humanity, with
those who truly understand what it may mean for us all? I'm not going to be at
some Democratic party balloon fest. I am not going to be at a bar. I am not
going to be in a gym. I am going to be at home, watching the TV with the volume
turned down so I don't wake my kids. And when the time comes, when the moment is
announced, I will walk out my front door into the street, and I will look up at
the sky and shed tears of joy. That'll be my victory party. To look up at the
stars and hope that this means a better future for my little ones. If I'm lucky,
some of you reading this will come outside right then too, and maybe we can
smile at each other in silence. Either way, when you finally hear it announced,
on the evening of November 4th, that Americans came together and took their
country back, and you're sitting at home celebrating the moment quietly alone or
as a family, spare a second would you and join me out in the street, and look up
at the sky and feel the smiles, hopes and joy of millions of people like you and
me reflecting down from the stars."


Mary Beth said...


This is beautiful! And I will be thrilled to join your party.

I'll drop you a comment here too.

Oh, I'm so hopeful. Please, God, please.

Carla said...

Verde - Thank you for this post! I have been figuratively holding my breath til this day, and trying so hard no to allow myself to get too excited - but I think I may explode tonight. I grew up in northern Wisconsin during the 50s & 60s - the civil rights movement was physically remote. But, like you I will shed tears tonight, no matter the outcome. Hopefully, they will be tears of joy and love for my country. I never did think I would live to see the day...I will (perhaps) raise a glass tonight in celebration.

LisaZ said...

Hey, that's from my neighbor Ruth's blog! Cool that you saw it and then spread it. I loved that too. Maybe I'll put it on my blog today. Pass it on!

Lisa in MN

Robj98168 said...

Look up at the stars and know That I am looking at the same stars and smiling with you!

fullfreezer said...

Ah... I went out and looked at the stars and smiled.

Verde said...

I went out and smiled at all of you and gave thanks for this hope in our nation. We need hope.

Now we need to be patient and work together.

LisaZ said...

I thought of you all last night, too, on my way home from a very happy party. Yay!

Mary Beth said...

I forgot to come tell you last night, but the dogs and I went out and smiled at the stars with you.

Hooray! Thanks be to God!