Sunday, August 3, 2008

It is Vacation Time!

Yeah! I am officially on vacation for 10 days!

I have three days at home to can and preserve whatever bounty the garden provides, clean, tie up loose ends and pack for our trip. Not only that but Mr. Greenjeans is on vacation too! (Him to me: don't work me too hard.) I tend to always have more plans than time but it will be good.

Here are some garden shots: Some of the corn
Tomatoes, Peppers, Brussels Sprouts. (Yes, the Tomatoes are caged but they need fences and they were planted a couple of feet apart but have grown together into one big massive tomatoe tangle).

One of the baby Watermelon

Here are some of the projects. The picture was taken before I made pepper jelly and the apricot cobbler. Also not pictured are the fermenting kosher dills.

Raspberry Jam in a Jam Pot my MIL brought to me from England years ago.


ilex said...

Verde, I had NO IDEA your plot was so gigantic. Is that grain corn or sweet corn?

Robj98168 said...

You shoulda made a corn maze! But then I would get lost in the maze with all the rats that live in corn fields! (I read way tooo much stephen king)Have a great vacation!

Verde said...

Ilex, yes the garden is huge - my first really big garden. It makes the failures huge too.

That's sweet corn!

Rob, there are parts where the corn didn't take (or got over zealously weeded or..) but I havn't seen any rats.

Did see a snake last irrigation day.

Anonymous said...

that's a huge garden - looks very green compared to our stuff - ours is all a light shade of brown - barely surviving the heat

LisaZ said...

Wow, Verde, that is an amazing garden!

Your bread looks just like mine, which reminded me I have to make it today instead of tomorrow b/c we're going camping tomorrow. Thanks for the reminder...I've got the sponge going now.

Have a great vacation. You totally deserve it!