Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Found Garden Spot!

As I was clearing out the chicken run, I realized there is a wide gap between the two fences. The brush had grown up so tall I hadn't realized it was there before. As I cleared the brush to close the gap, I realized there was an empty flat lot behind us - not a gravel parking lot as I'd assumed. In fact there was a rather large interior lot and all the properties neatly were marked off by parking or fences.

Mr. Greenjeans went to the assessor's office and found the owner's name and called him to see if we could grow a garden. To our pleasant surprise, his response was he wished more people would take the initiative in things like this and he'd be happy to have us use the land that way!!! My next door neighbor and I are now plotting out what we are going to grow and how to clear the land off.

It is just now planting season but we are behind in that we haven't planned or cleared the land. I don't suppose it will be terrifically big this year but I'm already thinking of growing chicken feed. She wants to learn to can with me. This is so cool!

It turns this neighbor is into preparedness! She gave everyone in her family detailed 72 hour kits for Christmas one year. I guess we never really talked about it too much before. Yesterday she had me move my potato barrels down the driveway so they'd catch the sprinkler water that overshot her garden.

It's dark now but I'll be taking pictures of the land as we progress. I had been so sleepy, snuggled in with the latest issue of Mother Earth News until the land owner returned my call. Wooo Hoooo


Melissa said...

that is so exciting! I was considering some guerilla gardening myself, but I should probably follow your example and ask permission :) let us know what you decide to grow!

Lewru said...

Yay, that's awesome! And I'm so jealous of your chicken run!

Tara said...

What a find!! We have an enormous empty piece of land behind our house (with no street access) and have talked about asking the owner if we could start a community/neighborhood garden there, but it looks like we won't be in the neighborhood much longer.

ilex said...
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ilex said...

(Yeah-- um, sorry- typos!)

Wow. What a nice plot! Here's a thought- if you plant a deep-rooted green manure like alfalfa this coming end-of-summer/ fall, the soil ought to be even better by next spring, and the chickens can eat some of the fall crop, too. Then dig under the rest for soil enrichment.