Monday, June 23, 2008

Baby Pictures

And who are you?

umm warm hands

Most of the gang

Look! can you see our pretty feathered feet!

I was looking a second ago

Finally, some good grub - that other stuff was for pigs!

At the water cooler

And how do you taste?

Holy Chicken!

Sleepy Chicky

I'm so outta here

Bunny play pen under the apricot tree

Talking with the animals

And the biggest baby of them all!


Tara said...

Too cute!! I could never let my dogs so close to our bunnies. The German Shepherd would try to mother them, but the other two are NOT to be trusted. :)

Verde said...

No, I don't leave them together. They know they arn't supposed to mess with her and eveyone behaves, but if she got loose alone with the dogs...well I'm not sure instinct wounldn't get the best of some of them.

Robj98168 said...

LOL Back when I had a bunny- we would let her out of the pen and sshe would climb all over topaz (the lab)topaz qould never hurt her. THe chicks on the other hand topaz would do a Col Sanders impersonation. I would love to raise hens here, but think the local city has a law against them because everyone in this neighborhood is afraid of chickens.

Verde said...

Afraid of chickens?

God_Guurrlll said...

SSSOOOOOO Cute! I especially love holy chicken. Talk about transfiguration! Thanks for the pics.

Lewru said...

I so want chickens!!! My question is about stray cats, though. We have a lot of strays around here - hungry, lean, mean strays that eat a lot of regular-sized birds. Do you think they could take down a chicken?

And I just love how your dog is sitting in the chair. Too cute.

Verde said...

I have the chicks securly locked away - I went in this morning to see that their litter had been scooped out under the door - presumably by a cat reaching under the door trying to "connect"

I'm banking on a cat not being able to take down a chicken. Their run will be enclosed and I'm making a dog run by it so the dogs and help patrol the parimeter.

I think as I get down to the laying hens, I'll see about letting them range a little further.

Melissa said...

wow these guys are just adorable! they look so snuggly and cute! and you'll get eggs too - perfect!

anajz said...

All of your babies are so precious!
Unfortunately, our city code prohibits livestock in town, however, when my yard is finally fenced in...I will claim the little darlings as an exotic
Thanks so much for sharing the photos. I always enjoy seeing other people's homes/yards/projects.
the sustainable backyard

Hausfrau said...

I saw a funny article about Hispanic immigrants in LA raising chickens - there was a controversy over the rooster noise. The paper quoted one guy as saying "It is only natural to raise chickens!"

Songbird said...

You had me with the cute chicks, but then you slip in a Berner!!