Friday, May 1, 2009

My new Steed

It has arrived. It is strong and glossy and ready to take me places and haul things. It challenges me, it asks me to be more than I am. It allows me to go car-lite.
I started out with a beach cruiser, but after a few days riding I knew that it was not going to work for me. I found out that I didn't really ride well in a skirt getting a step through was holding me back. The guy at the LBS was great and took the cruised back as a down payment on another bike.

I worked with the brand they carried and even then the choices were overwhelming: urban bikes, crossovers, road bikes, mountain bikes, cruisers... This is a major purchase and will be with me a long time (God willing). I have chosen a Trek FX 7.5 - it is beefier than a road bike, so like a commuter bike. I kept the 700 wheel in front and put a knobby tire on it, and then put a 26" wheel in back with a narrow tire to better take the load of what I put in the bags and get me sitting upright. I'm waiting on disc brakes and fenders. The xtracycle turns the regular bike into a long bike that can haul amazing things.

I have a 23 year old mountain bike I bought in college when they were brand new. I took it with me when I worked for and lived at a state park. I gave it up when my girls were little,having hung myself up on a fence at 8 months pregnant, but later it was my on-campus transportation in grad-school. I've had it out again as I attempt to get in shape again for the xtracycle. It is very heavy steel and I have big knobby tires on it. It's still good for the trails here. I'm feeling some old injuries that have turned chronic and invasive. I may just have to deal with that. I don't want to be sedentary.

flu thought: I had a lunch with a nurse yesterday who had studied flu before. I already knew that flu travels in waves, but she pointed out that the Spanish flu of the early 1900's had a spring wave and a fall wave. The spring variety was relatively mild and those who got sick and recovered were then inoculated for the deadly fall wave. It is the fall wave that we think of when we remember the Spanish flu 1918.


d.a. said...

Looking forward to hearing how the new cycle works for you. I might end up getting one for myself (with an electric boost due to the big hills in our area).

I agree about the Fall being the time for extra vigilance. I'm encouraging folks to stock up on what they need, now.

Chile said...

Pretty! Hope it changes your life.

(I just did a post on flu prep.)

Green Bean said...

Love love love the bike!! I oogled one of those in person last week. I'm still sticking with my cruiser but it was so much more useful when we had a bike trailer - ostensibly for the kids. We sold the trailer when the little one outgrew it and now I'm wishing for it back.

As to the flu thing, yikes!

Robj98168 said...

Nice ride! As far as the flu goes I don't remember the spanish flu on 1918. I just wash my hands a lot.

MN_homesteader said...

Congrats. On Saturday I did my first green garden design gig on my X using a Bike at works trailer to haul the lumber, compost, and tools

Chile said...

So, are you riding a lot? We need an update!

Trey said...

I have a Trek FX 7.5 that I've been considering using as a donor bike for an xtracycle. Do you recall if you used the 26" or 700c FreeRadical?