Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Checking in

We had a wonderful weekend with Nee (our daughter who has to attend high school in the city to take advanced classes). We didn't do anything special. The girls hung out together, we made 2 batches of apple butter and bread, and I managed to get her to clean the mess she'd left behind in her room.

It is so difficult to have to take her back and forth to school. It's a three hour drive, expensive, and with the shortening days part of the drive is always in the dark with animals on the road. I always give thanks when we make it safely.

An interesting note is the mom where she is living was sick and had been to a gastric specialist. One of the possible theories of why she was sick (besides overseas travel) is that she is sick from eating "backyard produce". You see the Dr. said that the food we are used to eating is to highly treated that she may then have encountered a bug (not killed by pesticides) in the garden produce. I am equally horrified that my produce may have harmed her and the thought the people's digestion is so changing as to not be able to deal with eating natural food! The girls and I agreed that this is yet another reason to produce your own food.


Anonymous said...

I think I would get a second opinion if I were her. Although would she have steered the Doctor in that direction? Just seems incredible.
Cindy in FL

Verde said...

I don't know, they stuck a camara down into her stomach and took snips of the stomach.

Hard to say.

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Verde, don't beat yourself up about this, she needs a doctor with a different mindset. My DH finally was diagnosed with Crohn's disease after 40 years of misery. He does not produce enough stonach acid to properly kill hardly any bacteria on food, and Crohn's is hereditary.

My MIL always blamed his flare ups on our spring water, raw milk, and "dirty vegetables that were grown in the ground" even though he had virulent infections from eating undercooked chicken from a restaurant and tainted lettuce on some fast food.

Sadly, western medicine adopts the "kill it" theory and people are raised in fear of their food.

Your produce was probably cleaner than what is available in the store.

Wendy said...

Yeah ... um. I DOUBT very SERIOUSLY that what ails her has anything to do with the produce you gave her.

There are dozens of gastric "illnesses" that are related to the fact that "we", as a society, have such a poor diet. Crohn's is one. Wheat (gluten) sensitivities is another. And often the "problem" is either never correctly "diagnosed" (because our medicine looks to cure symptoms rather than find the source of the problem), or it takes a lot of tests and trials before the problem is found.

Truly, our food, whether grown in a backyard or on an agri-farm in California, is just dirty, and in our sanitized world, we have a hard time handling any kind of bug. Like Throwback said, your produce was likely much cleaner than what she would have gotten in the grocery store, and frankly, the stuff that "pesticides" kill wouldn't do squat for any bacterial growth, which is what would have caused a gastric upset.

The doctor sounds like he's grasping.

Verde said...

I just think it's odd that either people need to have killed food or that they think that home grown food is somehow less clean than food that has been handled by all sorts of strangers!